August 5, 2017
Krispy Whiteboy Komix

Krispy Whiteboy Komix is the new sketch webcomic by no-one's favorite obscure cartoonist! From stale pop-culture references, to useless superheroes, to random nonesense, this comic has it all! So check it out. Maybe it's your thing, maybe not.
(How did I do? Did I sell it okay?)
January 13, 2017
Website Updates

It's been quite a while since has had much attention. So I thought it was about time to give it some lovin'.
Check out my arts and media pages, where I have added more works to my portfolio, as well as my spiced-up resume. There may also be more updates in the future.
And of course, you can always check out my webcomic, The Nick Chronicles, which I am still updating routinely.
The Nick Chronicles have moved! Nov. 2016
introvert The Nick Chronicles webcomic has finally flown the coop, and now has its own URL!
Things are still under construction over there, so please try not to trip over anything while you're visiting.
Gifts of Thespis - July 1, '14
Gifts of Thespis An eccentric artist and a brilliant scientist couldn't be more excited when they've inherited an historic opera house. But things get tricky when they realize they know nothing about theater.
The Nick Chronicles continue! - July 1, '14
[in-tro-vert] The post-basement Greetings from Eugene follow-up comic is here. And now I'm trying my hand at watercolors!
I will also be making some changes to the Nick Chronicles site. Things are evolving over here!
Greetings from Eugene ends - June 20, '14
Greetings from Eugene After four long years of documenting my transition into adulthood, it's time to move on.
With the community college years behind me, and a new apartment and job, you can expect a whole new chapter in the Nick Chronicles.
Animation Project - Mar. 18, 2014
New Animation Project
I'm currently working on what is to become my first fully developed animated short. The project is currently untitled. I'm displaying my animation process on my blog.
Updated Site - Mar. 4, 2014
Just made a bunch of changes to this website. Changed my typefaces, updated my resume, and added an About page to The Nick Chronicles.
Just a reminder that this is still a new site, and I am constantly working at polishing it up. Have any feedback? Contact me!
-Thanks, Nick
PictureEugene Website - Feb. 28, 2014
All About Parvin I am working on a website for local filmmaker Tim Lewis's upcoming documentary series, All About Parvin.
The site is currently under development, but you can see the progress here.
The Nick Chronicles - Jan. 1, 2014
Finally, the entire collection of my mostly-true comic memoirs is assembled! My teenage series Just Add Water, and its follow-up, Greetings From Eugene, are free to read right here!
Notice: This collection contains comics that I don't post to facebook. Some mature themes, including language and nudity.