That's Me!
Hello, my name is Nick DeAngelo. That's probably already apparent. I am a cartoonist/ videographer/graphic designer from the somewhat small city of Eugene, Oregon.

I sometimes like to think of myself as 90% nerd, 10% hippie. Of course, I've always heard that the coolest people are the ones who don't label themselves, so ignore what I just said.

I like to dabble in many forms of art and media, but above all, I consider myself a cartoonist. I am fascinated with the simple, yet symbolic nature of the comic and animated mediums. I tend to work these aspects into almost everything I create.

Intense Child Portrait

Where and When?
I've lived most of my life on a 13-acre homestead with my parents, my brother, and an ever-fluctuating batch of two to three cats. Living this far out in the country, I developed a connection to nature, which I still hold with me today.

In 2003 I attended a Woldorf-based Charter school called The Village School, where I was urged to explore my artistic talent. In 2010 I graduated high school with a media arts scholarship and a GPA of 3.60. In 2014 I completed my Associates in Multimedia Design from Lane Community College. Since then I've been working in video production, as well as honing my cartooning craft.

I've always admired art. I feel it gives us immense power when it comes to communication and self-expression. I'd like to think my own artistic expression defines me as a human, and as an individual. My ultimate goal is to use this source of power to both benefit myself, and to aid others in their objectives.