Commissioned Work
Art and media people have actually felt inclined to pay for!
Raccoon Tattoo Thumbnail Darke-Watters Brewing
Painting & Illustration
I tend to work mainly in either digital illustration or watercolor.
Artemis Cornbridge Thumbnail Gas VOLTAR Thumbnail Gas Mask Girl Thumbnail American Tragedies Thumbnail Faun Thumbnail
Part art.
Part design.
Part improvisation.
Cosmos Thumbnail King of Spades Thumbnail Living Thumbnail Oregon Wilderness Thumbnail Serenity Thumbnail Rainy Day Thumbnail Petals and Roots Thumbnail Demons 1 Thumbnail Demons 2 Thumbnail Demons 3 Thumbnail Demons 4 Thumbnail
Selected drawings from my sketchbooks and scrap papers.
For more sketches, check out my Tumblr or Instagram.
Cabaret Thumbnail Steampunk Thumbnail Punk Thumbnail Cyclops Thumbnail Gandalf Thumbnail Wiz Thumbnail Spooky Thumbnail Dragon Thumbnail Army Guy Thumbnail Professor X Thumbnail Wizard Thumbnail Books Thumbnail
I did some photography in college. That's pretty much the long and short of it.
Oregon Forest Thumbnail driftwood Thumbnail desolation Thumbnail Wheel Thumbnail gradation in bark Thumbnail dylan's dumpster Thumbnail a row of mailboxes Thumbnail railroad tracks Thumbnail jail Thumbnail a view and a reflection Thumbnail fenceposts Thumbnail window Thumbnail