Demo Reel - September 2017
Victorious Angel Productions
Nicholas (Greek origin): "Victory of the People"
D'Angelo (Italian origin): "Of the Angels"

Victorious Angel is the name of my upcoming video production brand. It currently exists as a YouTube channel, where you can view both my old and new video projects.

Graphic Design
Various logos, seals, and disc labels. This includes paid jobs, as well as old school projects.
1Community Personal Logo White Noise Adrenaline Sweeny Todd Collaborations groundwaters Thumbnail noti community center Thumbnail Patchwork Repair Logo
I prefer working in 2D, although I've worked with LightWave and Maya.
I am just beginning in animation, but it is a medium I very interested in and am planning to continue exploring.
Web Design
I have a rudimentary knowledge of HTML and CSS. I built this website from scratch, as well as a few webcomics. I was also hired to build the now-defunct website for the documentary series All About Parvin.
Nick DeAngelo Dot Com