Last Resort
Nick DeAngelo has no material for his video production final. As the deadline approaches he desperately contacts his friends for advice. (Note: This video contains inside jokes)

Written, directed, produced, and edited by Nick DeAngelo
Cast (by appearance): Mike Van Gerpen, Joe DeAngelo, Nick Blomquist

Sue Sierralupe on Occupy Medical
A brief documentary on the mission of Eugene's free medicare movement, and its history.

Directed, edited by Nick DeAngelo
Featuring Sue Sierralupe

Occupy Medical
A follow-up promotional piece to the previous Occupy Medical documentary.

Shot, edited by Nick DeAngelo

LCC Media Arts Promo
A 30-second advertisement for Lane Community College's Media Arts Department, displaying a montage of both visual and auditory student work.

Edited and produced by Nick DeAngelo
Music by Robin Burns

LCC Media Arts Logo Animation
A Flash animation of the LCC Media Arts logo that I created for use in this video. I also used it in several other projects, and it was picked up by fellow students.

Animated and produced by Nick DeAngelo

Ce Film est Symbolique
An overly artistic film about absolutely nothing.

Written by Nick DeAngelo and Dylan Sierralupe
Directed, shot, edited by Nick DeAngelo
Featuring Dylan Sierralupe

LCC Fashion Design Show
A promo for the LCC Fashion Design department that I produced during an internship. This video was created in order to be used as an opening segment in the 2013 Fashion Design Show.

Written, directed, edited, produced by Nick DeAngelo
Voiceover by Korene Pearson
Shot by Dean Middleton
Photography by Hye Sung
Coordinators: Paula Westgate, Geno Gutierrez, Celia Maximin,Tina Reyes

Rock-a-bye Remy
A group animation project. In this short we experimented with Flash, audio production, and combining 2D and 3D animation.

Written by Mike Van Gerpen
Produced by Gabriel Legault
Animation by Nick DeAngelo
Computer Animation by Nick Blomquist
Sound Design by Gabriel Legault
Directed by Gabriel Legault, Nick DeAngelo, Mike Van Gerpen, Nick Blomquist